About Ory

A room as individual as its guests.

Characterized by high-quality materials, a generous geometry and the avant-garde atmosphere, the Ory manages on the one hand with a representative elegance to be equal to the Mandarin Oriental, Munich.

On the other hand, numerous details, such as the specially developed wall structure, ensure a distinctive, individual character of the room.

Thus, the design concept of the architecture firm Selektiv Studio builds the architectural bridge between the high-quality hotel culture and the contemporary demands of a modern Munich bar.


At least as important as the composition of our drinks was, is and remains for us the composition of the Ory team. That’s why we want to introduce the people who make sure that a visit to the Ory is not forgotten the very next day.

Sebastian Hess

Bar Manager

Ines Blattner

Deputy Bar Manager

Ioannis Tsagdis

Head Bartender

Nathalie Tran

Bar | Service

Kostas Gerakaris

Bar | Service

Ekkehard Bay

Bar | Service

Jennifer Mindl

Bar | Service

Maximilian Langemann

Bar | Service

Mika Marischka

Bar | Service

Obada Masharka

Bar | Service

Maximilian Gradl

Managing Director | Partner

Alexander Recknagel

Marketing | Partner

Özgür Keles

Design | Partner


Soul of the Ory Bar

Thank you for your support in making our dream of the Ory Bar a reality.

Heiko Esdar | Hofbrau

Igor Meiler | Krug

Sebastian Tewes | Beam Suntory

Anne Roth | Savings Bank

Swen Neumann | Campari

Christian Auer | RedBull

Erwin Rottmair | Object leasing

Melanie Agnamana | Audemars Piguet

Florian Strasser | Pay-Jet

Esther Drasner-Wagner

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+49 (89) 588 054 570

+49 (89) 588 054 570

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